• Interests: Low-Mass Star Formation and the Environments
      - Impacts of protostellar outflows
      - Star formation in turbulent environment
      - Core mass distribution and stellar initial mass function
      - Very Low Luminocity Objects and the formation of the substellar objects
  • Projects
      - ASTE Low-mass Star Formation Project
        Intensive observations toward Chamaeleon molecular cloud with molecular lines in submillimeter wavelength
      - AzTEC/ASTE K1 Project
        Wide-field sensitive survey for Chamaeleon and Lupus molecular clouds in lambda = 1.1 mm continuum with AzTEC on ASTE
      - ASIAA Star Formation Group
  • Observing experiences
      - ASTE (Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment)
      - Nobeyama 45m
      - Submillimeter Array